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Cursive You Look Lovely Mirror Decal


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? It’s you, obviously. Snow White be damned. Because my goodness, you look wonderful. Absolutely tip top. 11/10. And this mirror decal is here to remind you of that – every single day. Rocking your favourite jeans, dressed for a night out-out, cosied up in oversized pyjamas – it’s all VOGUE on you. Go forth and dazzle the world with your loveliness. This gorgeous, cursive version of our ‘You Look Lovely’ message is for anyone that wants a mirror decal with added elegance.

Perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, hallway or living room mirror, you can place this message anywhere you’d like a little dose of kindness – whether that’s first thing in the morning or a sweet reminder as you head out the door. Designed to be renter-friendly, these decals stick to mirrors perfectly, ready to peel off on moving day – no deposits lost. And with a long-lasting vinyl backing, your lovely words will stay in place for as long as you want them to. If mirrors aren’t your thing, you can fix your decal to any smooth surface – including tiles, glass and walls. (If you’re a renter, avoid sticking decals to painted walls, lest you incur the wrath of a grumpy landlord.)

Our standard sized decals are designed to fit mirrors of all shapes and sizes. We do not recommend re-arranging this hand lettered decal. This adorable decal is also available in a large-size, perfect for creating a statement look on larger mirrors. With a choice of black or white vinyl, we’ve got something to suit every room in the house. Black decals are perfect for achieving a bold look at the top of a mirror in lighter rooms, while our white vinyl offers a nice contrast in darker spaces and in the centre of a mirror.

Size Guide:

  • White in bathroom = Standard (perfect for small mirrors)
  • Black = Large


  • Available in mini and mega
  • A choice of black or white vinyl
  • Chunky, legible font – perfect for mirrors! 
  • Can be cut up to create your own layout 
  • Sticks to any smooth surface, including mirrors, tiles, glass and walls
  • Long-lasting and easy to remove
  • Includes a mini ‘Hi’ decal for test applications

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