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Weekly Fitness and Nutrition Planner


For the people who find tracking and planning satisfying AF. With completely customisable areas to list your goals, plan your meals and record your workouts, the Weekly Fitness & Nutrition Plan is designed to help you stay on track with your fitness journey. Record your daily exercise, goals and timings with the workout tracker, and use the ‘Gym Notes’ section to list your overall goals for the week, from small aims like ‘Actually go to the gym this time’ to big ambitions like ‘Run a 10k’ – wherever you’re at, this is a judgement-free zone. 

The blank area gives you space to plan or log your meals and snacks, with handy columns to track your macros if that’s your thing. Keep an eye on how much shut-eye you’re getting with the sleep tracker, and monitor the things you care about most in the weekly log – whether that’s your mood, macros, how many glasses of water you drank or how many steps you took that day. 

Get technical with reps and sets or keep as a simple, colourful overview of your weekly habits and intentions. Whatever your style, fitness is always more fun when you get stationary involved. 

Complete by adding magnetic strips (wait for this option to load), so you can fix it to your fridge or keep it on your desk – the choice is yours. 

Don’t forget! As well as fitness and diet, health is about taking care of your head and knowing your limit. Make sure you practice compassion and self-care, give yourself plenty of rest and eat a cookie when you feel like it.


  • A4
  • 52 sheets – a whole year of fitness!
  • Completely customisable
  • Add magnets to fix to your fridge

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