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Hello! I'm Polly, the part time illustration student and full time maker/shop owner behind Sighh. I'm based in Leeds, UK, working out of my little bedroom studio.

Specialising in feel-good, quirky and fashion focused accessories, our stuff will add life to your desk, give your phone a great new wardrobe and start conversations.

I began drawing and selling work when I was 15, via Instagram, because of the positive feedback I was getting on the doodles and snippets I shared. I applied a (cheesy) little design to 10 phone cases, which went within a month.... the next month it was 20 cases, and my little business has grown organically ever since with more and more exciting products being launched as I gained in confidence and experience!

Sighh is a personality driven brand which relies on and appreciates the close relationship we have with customers. Over on Twitter I often ask for feedback on new product ideas and your opinions on ongoing designs which directly effect what's brought out! New products are launched almost every month, so keep up to date on social media to get all of the previews!

I hope you like what's on offer and will stick around to see how the journey continues!

Find Sighh on:
Instagram: / Twitter: @sighhdesigns
Find me on:
Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: @pollyvdsz