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Product Care

To keep your products looking good as new, follow these tips!

Phone cases:

Our premium quality phone cases are pretty tough wearing. Their smooth surface takes a lot to scratch, and even so scratches do not interfere with the design as colours are embedded within the hard plastic, instead of printed thinly on top! However, take care to remove cases properly so as not to weaken thinner areas around the volume buttons (iPhones). We do not advertise our cases as drop proof as they're not silicone, but they'll put up a good fight!

The New Hybrid cases contain a rubber insert which helps protect your phone against falls!

Tote bags:

Spot clean with warm water and soap when possible. The print will not rub off. The canvas of the tote is what needs taking care of, so please do not machine wash over 30 degrees celsius as it will shrink. Do not tumble dry!


Our mugs are dishwasher and microwave save, so no worries there!

Laptop Stickers:

If placed on surfaces which heat up significantly, the stickers will develop bumps rather than staying smooth. I realised this after putting one on my Macbook charger - it's still happily there though!


If placed on a laptop or phone case, make sure it's not directly where you rest your hands, as stickers will discolour.

Macbook skins:

Macbook skins should happily last, and can be reused if removed carefully and replaced on the plastic sheet they arrive on. It's popular to keep a transparent case on top of skins, if you want to be extra safe!