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Nice Bum Mountra


That ass though?? Something to surprise guests with when they head to the loo, or act as a nice reminder to yourself that yes, you do have a great ass. Look at it. Like a perfect peach. This quirky little Mountra is the perfect feature to finish your bathroom decor. Anyway, who doesn’t want compliments from their bathroom wall? Boring people, that’s who. 

Where to put me: 

This one is perfect for your bathroom. Fix it above your toilet for a pleasant surprise as guests go to do their business.

How it works: 

All our Mountras come with renter-friendly semi-permanent sticky tabs, which can be removed safely from walls and tiles by following the guidelines (don’t worry, we’ll send you those too). Or, if you prefer, you can stick your Mountras up with Blu-tack – they’re super lightweight! Caution: Blu tack may not work well in humid bathrooms.

Choose from: 

  • Black gloss – Minimalist style that makes a statement. 
  • Gold mirror – Gorgeous, golden, shiny goodness. 

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